Raindrop Amigurumi: A Beginner-Friendly No-Sew Crochet Pattern

Raindrop Amigurumi: A Beginner-Friendly No-Sew Crochet Pattern

Hey there, amigurumi babes! Are you looking for a fun and quick crochet project that requires no sewing? Look no further, because I’ve got just the thing for you! In this blog post, we’ll dive into the wonderful world of crocheting and explore a simple yet adorable pattern for making Raindrop Amigurumi. Whether you want to create a charming keychain, a cute bag charm, or even earn some extra cash by selling them at artisan market, this pattern has got you covered!


Material Needed:

1. Sky blue chenille yarn

2. 2.75mm crochet hook

3. Stitch marker

4. Scissors

5. 5mm safety eyes

6. Polyester fiberfill

7. Keychain or bag charm attachment (optional)



BO - bind off

Dec - decrease

Inc - increase

MR - magic ring

PM - place marker

Rnd - round

Sc - single crochet

Sl st - slip stitch

St - stitch


Pattern Instructions:

Rnd 1: sc into a magic ring.(6)

Rnd 2: inc x6.(12)

Rnd 3: (sc 1, inc) x6.(18)

Rnd 4: sc 1, inc, (sc 2, inc) x5, sc 1.(24)

Rnd 5: (sc 3, inc) x6.(30)

Rnd 6-9: sc around.(30)

Rnd 10: sc 4, dec, (sc 8, dec) x2, sc 4.(27)

Rnd 11: (sc 7, dec) x3.(24)

Rnd 12: sc 3, dec, (sc 6, dec) x2, sc 3.(21)


Insert the safety eyes between Rnd 7 and 8, the distance between each eyes is 5 sts.

Stuff your work as you go.


Rnd 13: (sc 5, dec) x3.(18)

Rnd 14: sc 2, dec, (sc 4, dec) x2, sc 2.(15)

Rnd 15: (sc 3, dec) x3.(12)

Rnd 16: sc 1, dec, (sc 2, dec) x2, sc 1.(9)

Rnd 17: (sc 1, dec) x3.(6)

Rnd 18: dec x3.(3)

Break yarn. Embroider both cheeks with pink yarn.


Voila! You’ve made your very own raindrop amigurumi. Isn’t it cute and oh-so-satisfying to create? You can now attach a keychain or a bag charm attachment if you like, using a jump ring  or a small piece of yarn.


Get Creative:

Feel free to experiment with different colors and sizes to create a whole bunch of raindrop amigrumis. Mix and match various shades to mimic different types of raindrops. You could even try adding some embellishments like tiny beads or embroidery stitches to give your raindrop a unique touch.


Gift or Sell: 

These adorable raindrop amigurumis make fantastic gifts. You can attach them to keyrings, bags, or even use them as cute zipper pulls. Alternatively, if you’re looking to earn some extra money, why not showcase your crochet skills by selling these at artisan markets or online platforms? People love handmade items, and these raindrop amigurumis are sure to catch their attention.

Remember, the beauty of crochet lies in its versatility and the joy of creating something by hand. So, grab your crochet hook, gather your materials, and start making your very own raindrop amigurumis. Happy crocheting!



The pattern created by Tinunturu d’Alice and cannot be replicated, modified, or published without permission, but you are welcome to sell the final products made from it and acknowledge Tinunturu d’Alice as a designer.






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Heyy!!…..I want to thank you for your work and giving this pattern for free….I hope to open my shop soon, and I know what hard work goes into it….So very kind of you to give us this pattern……

Marie Little

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