10 Types of Customers You’ll Meet When Selling Your Handmade Products

10 Types of Customers You’ll Meet When Selling Your Handmade Products

Hey there, crafty entrepreneurs and creative souls! If you’re a handmade product seller, you probably know that running your own business comes with a mix of excitement, challenges, and most importantly, an interesting array of customers. Today, we’re diving into the delightful world of ten types of customers you’re likely to encounter in your handmade venture. Let’s buckle up and explore the customer universe together!


1. The Enthusiastic Supporter 🌟:

These gems are your biggest cheerleaders! They genuinely appreciate your craftsmanship and are always eager to spread the word about your handmade goodies to their friends and family. They’ll leave glowing reviews and even share pictures of your products in action on their social media. Treasure these customers, for they’re your brand’s ambassadors!


2. The Curious Inquirer 🕵🏻:

Meet the detail-oriented detectives. They ask a gazillion questions about your products, materials, and the process behind your creations. Don’t fret; it shows their genuine interest and desire to know more before making a purchase. Be patient and give them all the information they need to feel confident in their decision.


3. The Bargain Hunter 💸:

Ah, the hagglers! They’ll be on the lookout for discounts and deals. It’s okay to offer occasional promotions, but remember that you’ve invested time and effort into your craft. Stand firm on your pricing, and don’t let the bargain hunters undervalue your work.


4. The Custom Requester 🎨:

These customers appreciate your products but have a specific vision in mind. They’ll ask for customizations and personal touches. Embrace the opportunity to create something unique for them, but be clear about additional costs and timelines.


5. The Loyal Patrons 🤝:

This group is the backbone of your business. They keep coming back for more, and their loyalty means everything. Show them your appreciation with special perks, discounts, or early access to new releases. Their support will keep your shop thriving.


6. The Indecisive Window Shopper 👀:

Window shoppers are intrigued by your products but struggle to make decision. They’ll browse your store, add items top their carts, but sometimes abandon them. Be patient and consider adding subtle nudges like limited-time offers to help them make up their minds.


7. The Constructive Critic 🗣️:

Critics can be valuable if their feedback is constructive. They might point out areas of improvement, and while it may be hard to hear, it’s essential for your growth. Keep an open mind and learn from their insights.


8. The Social Media Raving Fan 📸:

These customers are social media-savvy and love sharing their latest purchases. Tagging your business and using trendy hashtags, they’ll amplify your reach within their networks. Encourage this behaviour by featuring their posts and showering them with appreciation.


9. The Perfectionists 👌🏻:

They have an eye for detail and expect nothing short of perfection. Quality control is crucial for dealing with perfectionist customers, as any flaw might result in a return or a negative review. Aim to exceed their expectations to win them over.


10. The Supportive Small Business Advocate 🤝:

Finally, we have the customers who genuinely care about supporting local and small businesses. They value the essence of handmade products and actively seek to make a positive impact on the community. Cherish these customers as they align with your vision and values.


In conclusion, selling handmade products comes with a diverse and colorful customer base. Embrace each encounter as an opportunity to learn, grow, and build meaningful relationships. Understanding and catering to the needs of these customer types will help your business thrive and blossom. Happy selling and keep crafting with love!❤️

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